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IBRAM - Tradição e Qualidade em Compressores, Ventiladores Industriais e Motores Elétricos.


IBRAM Brazilian Machinery Industry Ltd. began its operations in 1976. At the time was located in the Parque São Lucas - São Paulo - SP. Since 1984 occupied installations at the Parque Industrial São Lourenço - Neighborhood of district of São Mateus - São Paulo city.

In our trajectory we faced several difficulties: economic plans and crises, market opening, etc. However, we kept our social responsibility, working since the start with the same CNPJ, providing qualified products and services to industry, consumers, public companies, government agencies, etc.

IBRAM Brazilian Machinery Industry Ltd.

The industrial facilities of IBRAM is basically composed of computerized machines (CNC), machining parts, coil winding, etc., thus ensuring greater accuracy and frequency in the final quality of the products.

IBRAM Brazilian Machinery Industry Ltd.

All IBRAM products were born from research at our laboratory, initially developed in 3D program, which scales the parts and simulates the assembly. After being developed the prototypes were tested for flow and pressure (fans and compressors) and Monitoring and testing efficiency (Electric Motors).

IBRAM Brazilian Machinery Industry Ltd.

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